Club Rules

1. Trust Only THE GRIM, Members Are Selected for a Reason.

2. Never Lie to a Grim, Never Steal from a Grim.

3. If a Grim Is in Town, They Will Always Have a Bed, Hospitality Is Honor.

4. Once a Year, Go to the Dark Mountains with Your Fellow Grim. Pilgrimage is Honor.

5. Your Brother Is Not Always Right, but He Is Always Your Brother.

6. Respect the Old, teach the Young. Mentorship Is Honor.

7. Before Asking for Help, Be of Help. Serving Is Honor.

8. Good Business Is Offered First to THE GRIM. Wealth Is Honor.

9. Silence My Friend, Silence Is Your Master.

10. Whatever Happens, Never Lose Your Calm, God Is on Our Side.